Sunday, November 13, 2016

Laureles Primary Program

This morning we go up early and went to the 8:00 am Laureles ward for their primary program with Bill and Sandy.  It was a good meeting and the kids did a great job.  They knew their parts and sang like angels, the spirit really touched me as they sang the first song, If I had Been a Little Child.

Each ward does a bulletin board for the program, something we don't do in Utah. 

Lo Se Que Las Escrituras Verdaderas

They gave the kids in the program a El Libro De Mormono  as a keepsake. I received one too.  

There are several members of this ward who serve in the temple and there are a lot who attend the temple.

Me and Sister Torres. She just started working in the temple and will be leaving Dec. 28 to serve her mission.  She is taller than me and that is rare for Peruvians.  Wayne said she's tall like a "tower," that's how we remember "Torres."  She's a sweet sister and I've grown to love her.

Brother Bustemante is one of the coordinators.  He's been our friend from the first day we saw him.    He's always so happy to see us and he's just a good guy.

Sister Centurion, works in the temple with us, Sandy, and Sister Hulga Leon, she's in the Primary Presidency.

Bishop Guzman, his little boy, his mother who serves in the temple, and Bill and Sandy.

Bishop Guzman's little Boy.  He just turned one.

These are the Elders serving in this ward.  Behind, Elders Valasquez, Willard,  Millett,  Johnson, and  Peredes, and
Juarez in front.

These sisters serve in this ward too.  Sister Espinoza sand Sister Asher

After leaving the Laureles ward, we went to the Central ward in the Chan Chan building, to see some of the young kids who serve with us in the temple.  We saw these friends.

Elder ??, Bill Sandy and Elder Babbit.

Sister Avalos, Cynthia Garcia, Sandy, and Anthony.  Anthony and Cynthia are getting married in April.  They all serve with us in the temple.

Sister Avalos

Wayne, Antony Apolinario, Noe Calle, and Bill

The four of us!  

We had a wonderful  meetings with the members of the church here.  The spirit of the members is great as they participate in the gospel.  It has been good and fun day.
The church is true!

November 11th was Veteran's Day!  I called and talked to my Dad, he's great, and I love him!

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