Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Victor Maximo Guerrero

For as long as we've been here in Peru, Wayne has been trying to find some of the people he knew when he was here 40 years ago.  He's found  several of them including, Juan and Emma Alva, Berta Briones,  Antero Sanchez,  and Sergio Bendezu, but he hasn't been able to find Brother Victor Maximo Guerrero.

Brother Guerrero was a member of the mission presidency when Wayne was a young missionary, so he would have been about 26.  He was the mission secretary. Wayne documented in his life history the time he was in Cusco and went to Machu Picchu with Brother Guerrero and Elder Feinhour, he has a picture of them at the Plaza in Cusco.

Wayne has asked several people who he thought might know about Brother Guerrero and he's tried to find anybody who might know where he is.  Several people know who he is, but don't know where he is. We've seen pictures of the history of the church in Trujillo and the Palermo Stake.  Brother Guerrero is in those pictures.

Brother Guerrero

Brother Guerrero on the right.  Juan Alva without the tie.

 A few days ago Wayne found out Brother Guerrero was in Lima.  Wayne tried several times to call Brother Guerrero's Bishop to see if he could get in contact with Brother Guerrero, but wasn't able to get in touch with him.

Yesterday morning while we were serving in the temple, one of the temple workers came and found Wayne.  He proceeded to tell him there was a sister at the recommend desk from Lima, who said someone in her ward said a gringo in the Trujillo temple was asking about her husband, so they got Wayne to help.  Wayne went to see how he could help.  Wayne talked to her and asked her who her husband was, she said, "Victor Maximo Guerrero."  What are the chances???  What a sweet tender mercy!! She was the wife of Brother Guerrero, who Wayne has been looking for over a year.  She was a wonderful sister, so sweet, humble and kind.  We visited with her for a few minutes before she was off to get ready to attended the session we just happened to be officiating.

After the session, we met her again and were able to talk to her a little bit more.  She told us that Victor is 86 years old and he has poor health.  He stays in bed a lot and he isn't doing very well.  We asked for her phone number so Wayne could call and talk to brother Guerrero, but she said he wasn't well enough.  She was very sweet.  We gave her lots of hugs and wished her and Brother Guerrero well.  We gave her our phone number.  We will probably never see her again or Brother Guerrero.  It was just a sweet time we will always remember of us serving in the temple.  We have been so blessed by the many wonderful people we meet every day as we serve in the temple.  They are wonderful members of the church trying to do what they know is right.  What a blessing it is to be able to be a small part of their lives and to feel their spirits.

Brother Guerrero on the right
Sometimes when we think that our Heavenly Father doesn't know us and He must have better things to do than to worry about us and our concerns,  we will remember this great blessing.

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