Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Deal or No Deal - Thanksgiving Dinner - Farewell to Bill and Sandy

This afternoon we went to the mall for lunch with Bill and Sandy.  We ate at Subway and Wayne ate a cheese burger from McDonald's.  It was all good.   

After eating lunch, we decided to go to Coney Park to play Deal or No Deal one last time with Bill and Sandy since they will go home next week.  

 It is always fun to play this with them.  They make it lots of fun, especially when Bill holds his chest and acts like he's having a heart attack.  It's just fun.  It's probably the last time Wayne and I will play it too.

We went to Tottus to get a few groceries. It must be getting close to Christmas,

People buy these by the cart fulls for Christmas

Later last night we had a Thanksgiving - Farewell dinner for Bill And Sandy.  It was a delicious meal and we had a fun time.  President and Sister Casos were great hosts.

Sisters Casos, Gomez, Guevarra, Hartman, Coacalla, Me

It was a good evening, but it was a little sad too.  

We all walked outside to see the Supermoon. The last time the moon was this close to the earth was January 26, 1948.  It was big, bright, and beautiful.

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