Saturday, November 5, 2016

Comedor Birthday * Mall Plaza

Happy Birthday Commodore!
November 3rd 2016

These wonderful ladies have been fixing food downstairs in our commodore for a year now.
We eat the lunch these sisters prepare almost everyday Tuesday thru Saturday.  We buy one meal which costs 6 soles.  It includes a main meal, soup or salad, drink and a fruit.  We have a choice between two meals.  Sometimes they fix something special for Wayne if they have something they don't think he'll like, like cow stomach.  The main dish includes rice with some kind of meat like chicken or some kind of beef, and beans or potatoes or some kinds of lentils.  They also have Tallarines which is Wayne's favorite.  Sometimes they serve fish too,  I usually eat the salad or soup and a little of the main meal and Wayne eats most of the main meal.  It's usually really good and it is really nice not to think about what to make for dinner.  We have grown to love these sisters and appreciate them for the wonderful job they do feeding us and many others every day.

                                          November 5th Saturday
This morning Wayne and I went to the mall.  Each store in the mall had painted a little chair.  The mall was recently purchased by a new company so the name is now the Mall Plaza.

Looks like Christmas is on it's way!

Written by Jan

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