Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Farewell to Bill and Sandy Hartman

This is a hard post for me to do. Monday  evening Bill and Sandy began their journey home to Logan Utah.

We spent the morning like most Modnay mornings but this Monday, Bill and Sandy kept coming sharing their goods with us, stuff they don't want to take home with them.  We inherited the scales that were left to Bill and Sandy by Jim and Patty Fackrell when they went home.  I also inherited Sandy's sombrero, it protected her from the sun. We got some other treasures too.  

At 12:30 we went to lunch at Chili's for the last time and had our usual Chicken Fried Chicken.  The Whitneys and the Bentleys came to share the lunch with us.  

 Whitneys, us, Hartmans, Bentleys
I went with Sandy for one last look and pictures of their apartment, the place they've called home serving at the temple.  

The clock says 6:15 pm

The temple truck with the luggage

 Outside as Bill and Wayne were loading the luggage in the temple truck, Brother and Sister Gomez started singing to them.  The Guevara Megan's joined them as they arrived back from shopping just in time me and Sandy to get there to listen.  It was fun to listen to them serenade Bill and Sandy.

 The Guevara Castro's came outside, so we had to take a group picture of us temple missionaries.  Such a fun and interesting group, we really do love each other.  They all said their goodbyes.

Amy and Anali offered to take Bill and Sandy to the airport.  They arrived early and were so sweet. Amy has a car and was so kind in driving to the airport.  Bill and Sandy were the officiators of the session Amy was in when she received her endowment.  Amy and Anali have been special to us since.  They come to the temple every Thursday night and attend the last session.  Amy is the Stake YW president in the Palermo stake and Anali is the secretary.  They are great members of the church and wonderful friends. 

Amy and Anali

Sandy - Me -Amy - Anali
 Oscar drove the temple truck to the airport with Wayne, Bill and the luggage.  Sandy and I rode with Amy and Anali in Amy's car.
Anali, Amy, Sandy, Oscar, Bill and Wayne 
 President and Sister Marble made arrangements for a sick sister, Ashley Springer from South Jordan, to fly home with Bill and Sandy.  She's had Pneumonia for a few weeks and isn't getting better and is very weak.  Bill and Sandy were going to escort her home.

The Marbles arrive with Sister Springer, she went with Bill and Sandy to check in their luggage.  Wayne went to help.  I waited with the carry on luggage with Amy and Anali.

Checking in the luggage.

Sister Marble, Sandy Sister Springer and Bill

President Marble taking a picture of them all too.

President and Sister Casos arrived to pick up the new couple, the Ripples who were flying in from Lima on the plane Bill and Sandy were getting on to go back to Lima.

Bill, Sandy, President and Sister Casos, Sister Springer, me, and Wayne

This was the last picture I took as we hugged and said our c-ya laters.  It was kind of hard for me to watch them walk away.  We've grown to be good friends and having them here with us has made things a lot easier.  Bill and Sandy have been a big part of our mission.  We will miss them and we love them but are so happy they have finished their mission and can go home to their family and their puppy, Max!
We love you Bill and Sandy

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