Monday, November 7, 2016



This is our friend Elmer!  he's been one of the guards here at the temple since we got here.  He's been friendly and always talks to us as we come and go every day.  He works a 12 hour shift from 7:00 to 7:00, so he's here a lot.  The church changed guard services at the temple last week and we were so sad because we didn't think we'd see him again.  As we left to go to Gringo Loco Thursday, Elmer was out by the curb doing his job.  We were all so a happy to see him!  He quite working for the previous guard service and now works for the new guard service, because he wanted to keep working at the temple.  We're glad we can still see him.  

A few weeks ago, Elmer and his wife were at the temple in a Saturday evening session.  After the session, they were waiting outside the Celestial Room when I noticed them.  Elmer had a yellow sealing tag pinned to his shirt.  He was waiting to be sealed to his parents.  I was able to go to that sealing.  First they sealed Elmer's parents together,  Elmer and his wife were the proxies.  Elmer was then sealed to his parents, Bill was the proxy for Elmer's Dad and Elmer's wife was the proxy for his mom.  Elmer was then the proxy for one of his brother who was sealed to his parents.  It was really neat and the spirit was close.  It was just a great way to finish our Saturday at the temple.

It's nice to have friends we've grown to love as we've served here.  

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