Monday, April 11, 2016

Another Week & Voting In Peru - 4/11/2016

We had a great week serving in the temple. Saturday we had a group of missionaries come from the Trujillo South Mission. I tried to get a picture from our balcony.  Wayne was taking a picture of me, he is with the Whitney's.

We enjoy seeing the missionaries when they come to the temple It's great that they are coming to feel the spirit of the temple.

Yesterday was Election Day in Peru. It is a law that everyone has to vote. They are required to go to the city of their residence to vote. If you don't vote you have to pay a fine.

The temple closed early Saturday so people to could get where they needed to be to vote.  The business were closed and you can't have any gatherings or meetings. So they cancelled all of the church meetings. We listened to conference talks about couples serving missions, walked around the temple grounds, and the Casós's invited the Hartman's and us for ice cream and banana bread that evening. It was a good way to end the day.

I love springtime in Utah and I am missing the spring flowers, yard work,  and mowing the lawn.  They mow the lawn here every week and today I just about high jacked one of these.

Tomorrow starts another week at the temple.
We happy and very blessed!
Written by Jan

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