Tuesday, April 26, 2016

California Stake Young Women Activity - 4/26/2016

Saturday was a busy day at the temple in the morning. Wayne went over early to help. We worked the afternoon shift and It wasn't busy since most of the people were there in the morning.

Wayne and I officiated the 1:00 session. After the session I helped fold clothes in the laundry.  At 4:15 Wayne and I arranged to be able to leave early to go to a California YW activity. All we knew about the activity was that the girls had learned a dance, It was at 5:00, and we were invited to it.

This is what it looked like when we walked in the Gym. It was a stake YW activity.

Each ward was assigned an area of Peru to give a report on.

These were the girls giving their report on Cusco. I think they are in either the Vista Alegra ward or Buenos Aries ward.

Each ward made a typical food dish from the area they reported on.  The girls got together and learned how to make the food. This shows each wards food.

Then the girls did a typical dance from the area of Peru they were assigned to.

This was the Los Cedros ward

The group assigned to Cusco

The Central ward

This ward did a dance about building a house. They were from the Buenos Aries ward or the Vista Allegra ward.

The California ward did the area of Lima. Their dance was cute.

The Chan Chan ward was assigned Trujillo. Their dance is the Marinera dance.

After the group of girls danced, a young man who is a champion Marinera dancer, also a member of the church came out and danced with one of the girls.

They had refreshments. Each ward did a treat from the area of Peru they were assigned. We didn't stay for that. We left the church at about 7:30. We decided to go to Romano's for Tallarines, they were closed so we went to Squalos, they were closed, so the taxi driver took us to El Mochica. It was nice.

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