Saturday, April 30, 2016

New Baby! Happy Birthday! - 4/30/2016

On Monday, the 25th our newest little Grand Daughter was born. Nora Konnie Haws. She is a cutie.  She and Shanna seem to be doing well, Danny and Crosby too. Congratulations!

Now we have 20 awesome Grandkids!  7 beautiful girls and 13 handsome boys.  We are so blessed.  WOW!

On Wednesday the 27th was Crew's 3rd Birthday.

On the 29th, Friday, it was McKenzie's Birthday!

Happy Happy Birthday!!

I have been missing being home with all of the Grandkids. It is hard when new little ones are born, like Duncan and Nora, I want so much to be there and hold them.  It's been different to watch Alice, Jayne, and Hank grow out of being newborns to being babies and almost toddlers and all of the kids are all growing up while Wayne and I are away.  I'm so thankful we are able to have Instagram, FaceTime, Email, and Facebook to watch how each grand child is growing.  The hard part is not being able to hug, hold, and play with all of them, including the new babies.  I still love them all as much as if I was there.

We are starting a new month we have almost been in Peru for 9 months.

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