Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Chung Wha's & The Hartman's Movie Discovery - 5/3/2016

We started the week off going to lunch with Bill and Sandy Hartman and Jim and Patti Fackrell.  We went to Chung Wha's for Chinese food.  We had a really good time as we laughed and visited together.  I posted this picture on Instagram, my comment was " We love these guys!"  We do love them. They are our friends and we always enjoy hanging out with them!  It was a fun lunch.

After lunch, Bill and Sandy went to the Real Plaza Mall to pick up a few things and they made a fantastic discovery. They have a new movie theater in the mall that had only been open for a few days. If you buy a Prime Ticket which was 20 soles, you could sit in a leather recliner chair with a little table and light.  The waiters take your order and serves you while the movie is going.  Captain America Civil War was playing and it was in ENGLISH!!  Bill and Sandy stayed and watched it and had a wonderful time. They said they forgot they were in Peru.  These are the pictures Sandy took.  Later we found out the movie wasn't even released in the USA and it was here in Peru in English.

They had so much fun, we decided to go see it too.

After the temple this afternoon, Wayne and I went to the movie.  It was all and more than we could have expected.  Once again Bill and Sandy have helped us discover something new in Peru.  They are our Pioneers!

These are the pictures I took.

If you look in towards the back in he middle you can see Wayne waving.  He was in our seats.

Wayne got some Nachos!

We had a good time and for a few hours we felt like we were in the USA.  Thanks for the great discovery Bill and Sandy!

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