Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mothers Day Continued - 5/8/2016

Mothers Day Continued

As we arrived back from church, there was this going on.  The traffic was terrible because the temple is next to a really big cemetery. Because it's Mothers Day the people are all going to the cemetery to pay their respects, so we had a hard time getting back to our apartment.  

We finally got out of the taxi and decided to walk because the traffic was moving so slow.  As we got out of the taxi I mentioned to Sandy that we should be handing out Book of Mormons. 

This is the gate to the temple.  You can see the guard by the little house on the right.  When we got here, we went to go up the sidewalk to go home when I saw these two Elders. Of course we had to say hello. 

Then we saw a lot of Elders. They were handing out referral cards and talking to the people coming and going to the cemetery.  No need for us to pass out B of M,  these Elders were doing the missionary work.  

These Americans, the Masons, were talking to some of the missionaries.  The Sister with the backpack is Sister Mason.  She served her mission here and went home in December. She was back with her mom and dad and brother. They came to see the temple and happened to come across all these Elders she served with.  We later let them inside the gate so they could see the temple grounds. 

Max, Nicole the mom, Brian the dad, Marlee Mason and a brother at home waiting for his mission call to arrive. They are from Mesa Arizona. Marlee was here for the temple open house and gave tours.  She was able to give a tour to the President of Peru.  

Elder Heward, Elder Manley

More Elders

We enjoyed the day relaxing.  I made some lunch and we watched Music and the Spoken Word.  I was able to talk to our kids and Ronola. It was a great day.  I missed being home terribly, but it was great to be here in Peru.

I am so thankful for our family and for the wonderful blessing it has been for me to be a mother of our awesome kids and grandmother to our 20 Grandkids.  I've grown up with them as we've raised each other. I can't forget how wonderful Wayne is.  He adds humor and a lot of love.  We have this wonderful family because he asked me to marry him almost 38 years ago!  I am so blessed and so is our family.  

Written by Jan

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