Sunday, May 29, 2016

Busy Weekend & Sleep Over

Busy Weekend & Sleep Over

We had a busy weekend at the temple.  The Fackrell's and Bentley's came with several people, even a bus arriving at 2:30 am from ?? I'm not sure.  The baptistery was busy and we had full sessions all day.

There weren't enough rooms for everyone in the Hospitality Center here.  Jim and Patti didn't have a room, they were going to go stay at the mission home, but a bus broke down and would arrive here at 2:30 am and they needed to be here to give the people their keys to their rooms. So, there were two extra bunk bed mattresses, they moved them into our apartment and put them on the floor.  The Fackrell's slept with on our floor Friday night.

We were all tired from the day, we went to bed at about 10:30 pm.

Sometime in the middle of the morning the Fackrell's helped the bus people.   We left quietly to do an early temple session at 6:00 am Saturday.  When we got back about 9:30 am,  the Fackrell's were in sessions and helping with the members they brought so they were busy.  We went back to the temple at 2:00 to do our afternoon shift, just as the Fackrell's were finishing up the temple work they were doing with their members.  We didn't really see much of them.  They were doing their missionary work and we were doing ours. We got home late Saturday night and were tired from our busy long day.

Today we went to the California ward.  It was fast Sunday because next week there won't be church because all of the people need to go vote.   Sister Pineda bore her testimony.  I was touched by the spirit as she spoke even though it was in Spanish, I felt the spirit. I didn't take her picture, I'll get one tomorrow at the airport.

I am so thankful for Sunday when we can go to church and feel the warm spirit of the members.  Another great week!

Written by Jan

Jan Haws

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