Sunday, May 22, 2016

Buenos Aires Ward - 5/22/2016

We went to the Buenos Aires Ward for church today.  We were 30 minutes late because we thought it started at 10:00 but it really started at 9:00 and we arrived at 9:30. We've been to this ward before so we recognized some of the members.  The assistants, Elder Craft and Elder Arenas were in this ward and there were some Sister missionaries too.

This is Sister Thurston and Sister Pattillo.  They are such sweet sister missionaries!  You can just feel their love and enthusiasm for the people in their ward.  I gave them many hugs.  Sister Thurston goes home to Arizona next week on the 30th.  Sister Pattillo is from Washington, she asked me to email the picture to her mom.  Sometimes I don't realize these young missionaries miss their families at home.

This family we met last time we were in this ward.  They have an older daughter and these 3 boys.  Domingo is the oldest and Derek and Dillon are the twins, they will be 3 in October. They are so sweet.

Domingo is 12,  I talked to him a little bit.  I could feel a neat little connection to him.  I asked him if he'd been to the temple to be baptized and he has. He wants to be a missionary when he's older.  He is a great kid!!

When we left the church, his family walked out with us for about a block. As our routes separated, Domingo took one of his bracelets off and gave it to me.  Pretty thoughtful.

Conectate a la Verdadera Fuentes Espiritual.
I noticed some of the other deacons had them on their wrists too. I thought that was so sweet of him.

This is Mabel.  She speaks English and was so nice to sit by me in Sunday School to help me follow along with the lesson.  She went on a mission to California and that's where she learned English.  She was just sweet to us.

The ocean was about 5 or 6 streets down from the church, and I love the ocean, so she walked with us to see it.  There was a tall wall about 10 ft high made of big rocks, so we  couldn't see the water.

I didn't walk down there to see the rock wall, so I climbed on the rocks to see these beautiful views.

There were a bunch of crabs climbing around all over the rocks.

We had a wonderful time visiting the Buenos Aires ward!  I am so thankful for this wonderful opportunity to get to know and love the many different people, young and old.  The church really is a family. We are so blessed to have a testimony of the true church of Jesus Christ.

When we got home, I fried some potatoes and hamburger patties and we had a simple lunch.  Later Wayne made me this, Strawberry ice cream cone.

Today is Nick's birthday.  Happy 32nd Birthday Nick!  We love you.

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