Monday, May 23, 2016

Squalos - X-Men - Brady's Birthday

May 23, 2016

Squalos and X-Men

It's the beginning of another week.

Today we went to lunch with the American Senior missionaries. It seems like we do this a lot, and we probably do, but we always have a great time.   We all met at Squalo's.  The Marler's were able to come too. I got these pictures from Sandy Hartman's blog. 

The group,  Bill took the picture. 

The group. Wayne took the picture. 

We had a really good time visiting and laughing as we shared lunch.  Wayne took these pictures of the food. 




This is Wayne 's favorite, Tallarines Alfredo with a little steak.  I had the salad.
After lunch we went to Wong's for some groceries, especially fresh pasteurized milk.  Jim and Patti had ordered some and Wong's called them to tell them it was there, so we all went to get some.  Jim and Patti got 20 bottles and divided them among us missionaries.  Sister Marler got a lot to share with the office missionaries.  It really is almost like milk from home.  Sandy Hartman says the chocolate milk tastes like a melted frosty, I think so too.  We got 3 bottles of regular milk and 1 chocolate.  

That evening we went to Plaza Real to the CinePlanet Theatre with the Hartman's to watch X-Men in the Prime Theatre, the one with the recliner chairs.  


They only had one showing in English and probably won't have that next week. We had a great time sitting in our leather recliners and watching the movie.  We forgot we were even in Peru and had a wonderful time with Bill and Sandy.  The whole day was great.  We had wonderful day shared with wonderful friends!! 

Last week they sustained Brady as the Bishop of his ward. I am so proud of him for accepting this calling.  I feel for Shawnee trying to keep the boys reverent and happy during Sacrament Meeting.  I know their family will be blessed. 

Shawnee put a cute picture of Brady with the boys standing by their front door on Instagram  before they went to church last week. I wanted to put it here, but I can't figure out how to get it off of Instagram.  Look for that,  it's very sweet.


Tomorrow the 24th is Brady's 35th birthday!  Happy Birthday Brady! We love you!

Jan Haws

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