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Mothers Day in Peru - 5/8/2016

Today is Mothers Day!

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We went to church today with Bill and Sandy.  We went to the Salaverry Ward.  This is the ward Brother and Sister Azabache live in, they work in the temple.

I loved this little town. It was about 30 minutes south of Trujillo.  It is by the ocean, there is a little port for ships to unload their goods.  I didn't get any pictures of that or the water but I did get these of the Plaza.  The church is on the Plaza.

The Chapel behind Wayne Sandy and bill

This was me doing missionary work.  I gave him my Book of Mormon to read

Looking towards the Catholic Church from the LDS church.

This is inside the chapel.

They gave us this gift for Mothers Day.

I took this thinking it was important.  Wayne later told me it wasn't

Bill with Sister Caldas from Lima and Sister Stephenson from a little town by Boise Idaho.  She goes home in August.

Up close

An Azabache grandson (served a mission in Brazil), Elder Campos from Bolivia, Brother Lescano, and Elder Paz from Bolivia.  He fell down some stairs and hurt his leg and foot.

Me and Sandy with Hermana Saldas from Lima & Hermana Stephenson from Idaho.

These are members of the ward.  Brother and Sister Azabache is in front of Wayne, many other temple friends.

Brother Azabache, Wayne Bill Brother Romero

Brother Romero teaching Sunday School.  He asked Bill and Wayne to take a few minutes to bear theior testimonies.  You can see Sister Azabache in the orange blouse.

Nicole isn't in this ward but she's the Stake Primary President, so she was there visiting.  

Me, Nicole Bendezu and Sandy

This is a pretty new car, but it didn't start.  

These kids were outside the church after the meetings.

Pictures along the way home.

We saw these Elders walking and Wayne stuck his hand out to wave.  It's always fun to see missionaries along the way. 

We rode the little bus to the Ovolo round about in Trujillo to catch A Taxi to the temple.  One taxi refused to take us because it was Mothers Day.  We live right nest to the Parque Eterno Cemetery and he wasn't going anywhere near it.  We found out what he meant when we got closer to home.   

The Peruvians really honor their deceased relatives and they come to the cemeteries on holidays to celebrate with flowers, lunch, stories, etc.  The traffic was crazy.  We decided to get out of the taxi and we walked the rest opf the way home.  Extra flower vendors were set up for the day as well as food vendors.  It was pretty crazy but really neat.

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