Sunday, April 3, 2016

April Fools Day & General Conference - 4/3/2016

I got up Friday and was ready to go to the temple when Wayne asked me to see if there was hot water. I turned on the kitchen sink and got sprayed by the sink sprayer. Happy April Fools Day!

I should have known after all these many years, but didn't get it. It is such a sweet gesture of love.

We had a good week at the temple it was a little short because the temple was closed on Saturday for General Conference.

We've enjoyed listening to conference. I knitted some slippers and crocheted around a baby blanket. I love being able to listen and feel the spirit. I enjoyed the talks but I especially enjoyed President Monson's talks. He seems so close to Heaven and I realize he won't be our prophet for much longer.

I loved the message of President Uchtdorf on Sunday morning.  It was just a reassuring talk.

What if Wayne hadn't have listened one year ago, at the Priesthood session, to President Eyering?  We wouldn't be here in Peru serving in the temple. He will always be special to us.

It wouldn't be conference without Legos and Cinnamon Rolls. I don't have Legos, but I did make Cinnamon Rolls.

We love serving a mission for this great and true church. Although we don't go out teaching and finding people to come unto Christ, we are able to see the many who have chosen to Come Unto Christ as they participate in the ordinances of the temple for themselves and those who are dead. The many who are the miracles of the church. We are so blessed and so happy!

"Let us hold fast to the things we've heard at this conference."  How can we not love Elder Holland!

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