Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Cookies - 3/29/16

Today we had an early missionary session. Wayne and I were at the temple a little before 6:00 am to help the missionaries. We had 38 missionaries, 21 Hermanas, 17 Elders, and President and Sister Marler. It was such a neat sight to see them arrive at the temple.  I love their spirits and the love I feel from them and for them.  It is always worth getting up early for.  Wayne and I officiated the session. He did a really good job. He had a great experience as he was saying the prayer in the session. This is what he said about it.

"We had 40 missionaries in our session this morning. I prayed for blessings for the missionaries in Belgium and I didn't even know how to say Belgium in Spanish. It came out as Belgia. I wasn't sure what I was even saying. Later a sister came to the desk and that was her name, Belgia. I asked her what her name meant and when she told me I asked if that's where the missionaries were injured and she said yes. I did not know that I knew that word. It just came out of my mouth. Sometimes I do that."  I know he was inspired. It was neat.

A couple of weeks ago I was making cookies and I saw Elder Marshall and Elder Craft teaching a family here on the temple grounds. I was making chocolate chip cookies and was anxious to get them baked so I could share them with the Elders and the family they were teaching. As I got the plate ready to take out to them, the Elders were gone and their family was leaving in a car.

I missed my chance. I mentioned this story to Elders Marshall and Craft and they felt so bad they missed the cookies. Today I made cookies and decided to share them. I took some to the Hartman's and took a bunch to the mission office for the Elders, Marshall, Craft, Olsen, Espinoza, Sisters Vaughn and Angel and of course the Marler's. Wayne and I delivered them to the mission office.

This is a view I don't get tired of seeing.

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