Sunday, March 6, 2016

Another Week - 3/6/2016

We had a busy week serving in the temple last week.  I got a picture of a group that came yesterday, Saturday.

Our sessions were overflowing and so was the baptistery.

Today we went to the California ward. We like going to this ward. There are a lot of members from this ward who come to the temple.

This is Sister Messina she's from Las Vegas and  Sister Olsen she's from Canada. 

This is Sister Pineda from New York and Sister Coleman from North Salt Lake. Sister Coleman goes home the middle of April. Her parents are coming to get her.

This is Sister Monica Ramos de Lazado. She sat behind me, Sister Coleman, and Sister Pineda during Relief Society. Sister Lazado noticed that Sister Messina took her shoes off, so she took one of them and hid it from her. After the meeting, Sister Messina look all over for her shoe.  It was pretty funny.  You can see Sister Lazardo holding the shoe.

We are well and happy!  We are enjoying this time to serve in the temple and know we are being blessed.

We send you our love and some hugs!

Written by Jan

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