Saturday, March 19, 2016

Farewell to Nields - 3/19/2016

We are finishing another week.

On Sunday night, Wayne flew home to take care of some business and sign some papers. So I have been here all week alone.

On Monday the 14th, the couple missionaries got together for lunch at the mall. A Subway is new to the food court, so we had sandwiches.  It tasted so good to eat American food.  We had a great time together visiting and catching up. It was a farewell lunch for the Nield's too.

Bill Hartman and the Gimez's he bought their lunch. The Sister sisters, Pres. Marler and me.

President Kurt and Kathy Marler

The Guevara's, Sister Marler, the Nield's

Pres. Fackrell, Sister Vaughn and Sister Angell

Me and Sister Fackrell

The Fackrell's had just returned from Utah, they had a new grand baby and spent a few weeks home. They brought us the stuff the girls gave them for us.

Bill and Sandy Hartman. Thanks to Sandy for sharing her pictures.

Later that evening, we had FHE and dinner with the temple missionaries and presidency at the Casós home. It was a farewell to the Nield's and a birthday for me.

President and Sister Casós

Bill and Sandy Hartman

Me, ( sorry, I was squished), Pres and Sister Diaz, The Guevara's

Pres. and Sister Coacalla, the Gomez's

The Nield's

The group

Bill and Sandy Hartman spent the previous Monday with the Nield's shopping for me a gift.  I love the Peru apron they gave me! It was so sweet of them. Thank you!  Thanks to Bill for taking one for the team. Sandy Hartman made me a cake with vanilla ice cream. It was delicious. Thanks Sandy!

I have had a nasty cold so instead of blowing out the candles, I used a lid and fanned them out.

I love my new Peru Apron!

On Tuesday, the Nield's completed their mission here as temple missionaries. They went home to Sholo Arizona. They will be missed.

It was also my 60th birthday on Tuesday! It was a fun, I enjoyed the many calls, texts, messages, hugs, and wishes from everyone, especially Wayne, the kids and Grandkids.  It was a good day.

I spent some time visiting with the Hartman's, they are great friends, we celebrated a lot and had a good time.    After a special missionary session at the temple, the Fackrell's came and hung out with us too. It was so nice to just visit and laugh with our friends, we have some great ones.

The Laivas gave me this little cake which was so sweet of them. They are a great family. Stephany said she got accepted to grad school at BYU so she will be going there in August. I 'm happy for her.

Later that night Sister Quintanilla and Sister Haro came to see me and gave this flower.  So sweet of them.

I had a great birthday, I am so thankful to be healthy and serving here in the Trujillo temple.

On Thursday the 17th it was Tami's birthday!  Happy Birthday Tami! We love you!

A new missionary couple, the Guevara's, came to take the Nield's place.  I baked some chocolate chip cookies for them and shared some with the Hartman's.

I will be back at the temple this afternoon, tomorrow I am going to Stake Conference with the Hartman's and Wayne will be back here Monday morning.

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