Sunday, March 20, 2016

I want to remember this 3/20/2016

I have been reading the Book Of Mormon, this week I had a lot of me time to read it.  I love the counsel Lehi gives his sons.

Lehi's words are good advice for all of us.  Chapter 2 is good about the fall of man and that we are here on earth to find joy.  All of the chapters are so good.  I read about the signs of the times that are getting more fulfilled. In a way it makes me sad, but then I realize that I should be happy. I also realize that we all need to be the best we can be. We have been warned and we have also been blessed.

I would suggest you go back and read 2 Nephi, I know the Isaiah part is hard to get, but it is still there for us. Chapter 9 we need to be faithful and humble. I like chapter 10 verses 20-25. I especially like chapters 26 through 28, to the end. I also like that it says over and over again, "if you keep the commandments you will prosper in the land."  I will keep reading, I hope you do too. I am so thankful for this great book of scriptures. I love it.

Today at the temple,  one of my assignments was to help officiate a session. There weren't enough patrons for two of us sisters to officiate.  I asked, and was given permission to be a patron instead of an officiator. I got a head set and went through the session listening in English. It was so wonderful to hear the temple endowment in English.  There are many promises and covenants made, but the blessings for  being faithful and enduring to the end are beautiful and almost hard to imagine.

I am so thankful that I was able to do the endowment for Paula ????.  I felt the spirit let me know that she had accepted what I had done for her. As I sat in the beautiful, peaceful Celestial room, I felt the Spirit let me know that things will be ok, and I felt the warm love of my Savior as I was comforted.   I am so grateful for the blessing of being able to serve a mission with Wayne in the Trujillo Temple. It is a great blessing to me and our family!

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