Tuesday, March 22, 2016

California Stake Conference and Wayne - 3/22/2016

We start another week at the temple.

Today I went with the Hartman's to the California Stake Conference. It was a good meeting. I don't understand much of what was said, but I love feeling the spirit. 

Pres. and Sister Marler spoke. It was kind of a farewell talk to the stake, the end of June they will be completing their mission as President and Mom of our mission. They are wonderful people. It didn't take long to feel like they were old friends.

This was taken at lunch last week. It's not the greatest picture, but it will have to do. We sure love them.

Me, the Sister Sisters and Sandy Hartman

The  Pedro Miranda family, Bill and Sandy, the Sisters, and Sister Marler.

The young man with the pinkish tie is Pedro's son.  He got his mission call to Huston Texas.

Wayne is back in Trujillo and I'm glad to have him home. He wouldn't let me get a taxi by myself to meet him at the airport, so I waited anxiously for him here at our apartment.

Wayne had a 10 hour layover in Atlanta. He rented a car and went to church.

From Wayne: 

"I am in Atlanta Georgia. I met the Andersons from Star Valley. When I said Hooper...They were on a mission  in Washington DC with Ralph and Sonya Nelson, Susan Harrop, Robert and Diane Widdison and Keith and Maureen Flint. There is my two degree separation.

The two missionaries from this ward are both on missions to Salt Lake City.

The other ward's missionary is in Iquitos Peru.

The stake president is the black man from that church video we saw who was a bishop.
His name is Sullivan- Jermaine Nicholas Sullivan

I apologized to the people behind me in church for texting. I told him about you and Peru and he said he went to Lima on his mission."

He sent me these pictures. He saw a Chic Fil A I asked him if he ate there, he didn't, they aren't open on Sunday.

I was so glad to see him, I didn't take his picture. I made him a welcome home sign.

He brought a bunch of stuff back for us, the Hartman's and the Fackrell's. This is a blurry picture of the stuff!

It's just nice to have him back. I am so thankful for my family. They are everything to us and our love for them is impossible to measure.
Families are Forever!

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