Saturday, March 26, 2016

Pancakes and a Busy Holy Week - 3/26/2016

Pancakes and a Busy Holy Week

The Fackrell's stayed in the Alberge Wednesday night, so we invited them and the Hartman's to have pancakes with us Thursday morning. We saw the Bentley's outside and invited them too.  The Hartman's came and took pictures and we all visited for a little bit. 



The Bentley's are new missionaries from Layton, Utah. They are serving as MLS missionaries in Pacasmayo, on the coast, about 2 hours north of Trujillo.  They were here for a couple of days. Thanks Sandy for the picture. 

While we visited we saw three busses pull in. We knew we were in for a busy day. We were serving on the afternoon shift, so we watched as all these people arrived and walked around the temple grounds outside. 


Wayne knew they would need extra help at the temple, so he got dressed and went over to help. Bill did too. They were there most of the day and night. 

It's Holy Week in Peru, because of Easter and people had time off from work and school.  This is why the temple was so busy.  All of the baptismal jumpsuits were used because there were so many of the youth who had come to do baptisms. It was odd when I walked by the clothing area and saw empty hangers. 

Extra sessions were added, and were all very full.  There were several special missionary sessions at 7:00 am on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. We officiated the one on Friday morning and the Hartman's officiated on Saturday morning. It was so fun to be with the young missionaries and feel their energy and wonderful spirit. They are wonderful kids.

 I'm so thankful we are serving here and can serve the wonderful people of Peru!  It was a great week!

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