Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hermana Calle

I had an experience last week as I was helping in initiatory.  There was a sister from Cusco, Hermana Calle.  She had come to the temple that day to do family names. She was what I'd call a real Peruvian. She had been baptized and confirmed for her family names right before, so her hair was wet and it was braided in long braids. She was so sweet.  When I asked her how to say the name of the sister she was doing the ordinance for, she said the name and then said, "she's my mama."  I felt the spirit so strong as I tried to do this ordinance for her and her mom. I hadn't felt this before and it was so neat.  Later that afternoon, she was in our session doing the endowment for her mom as I helped her through the veil.

I realized what a great work we are a part of. The spirit helped me that day, to realize that every name we do is important and is someone's mom, daughter, or sister, who has passed on. This is the only time they will hear and be able to participate in these ordinances as someone does them for them. They are eternal.  We do them over and over again but they are only a part of it once. I need to remember this as I do them over and over again.  These are spiritual blessings and they are so sweet.  I am so blessed and lucky to be a small part of it.

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