Sunday, April 17, 2016

A Fun Week! - 4/17/2016

We had a fun and fast week!

We have a balcony door off our living room. We really love it because it's our window to the world and what goes on around here, we can see people coming and going. The problem with that is that they can see us too, coming and going.  We needed to figure out something to just cover the bottom of the door, because we like being able to see our. Monday the 11th we decided to get a shower curtain rod that has a spring in it to go in the door frame. Wayne used our table cloth to drape over it.  It kind of matches the curtains.  It is pretty simple and very perfect. Now we can still see out but everybody can't see us.

On Wednesday Wayne took me to lunch at Squalos. We had Tallarines and shared an order. It's a favorite for us. It was delicious.  We took a selfie.

We had a good time.  The lemonade was yummy too.

Thursday, the 14th was Sarah's Birthday!  Happy Birthday Sarah

Since we had the afternoon shift at the temple, I had a little too much spare time. I decided to make Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.

We can't eat them all, so we shared some with the Hartman's and then I took some downstairs and shared them with the Peruvians. I found a few kids to talk to me, well I tried to talk to them.

Marler's and Fackrell's had a training for 4 branch presidents.  Saturday morning at 7:00.  Wayne and I officiated a special temple session for them. They had more training Saturday afternoon.

Saturday the 16th was Jack's Birthday!  He is 4 years old!
We love you Jack!

We hung the big picture of Sacksawaman. It reminds us that we're in Peru.

We were happy to go to church this week, since it was cancelled last week because of the elections.  We went to the California ward. Sister Angell and Sister Vaughan are going home, so we went to their ward. We will miss these two great sisters, they have become our dear friends. They are wonderful people. The young missionaries will miss them too.

This picture was taken a while ago.
Sisters Vaughan and Sister Vaughan are on the left.

Sister Coleman is also being released from her mission.  She is a missionary in this ward too. Her parents arrived Sunday morning, just in time for church. We had fun talking to them and seeing their joy as they watched their daughter with the Peruvian's she's been serving. They are from North Salt Lake. Wayne found out he was Brady's stake president a few years ago, before they split their stake.

We love the young missionaries. It was fun to be in the California ward and share the spirit.  We will miss Sister Coleman and her violin musical talent. Sister Pineta, is her companion, she goes  home in 6 weeks.

I have been reading this little book Wayne brought me from my mom and dad. There is a scripture and thought for each day.

I liked this one from April 13th.

I know that our Heavenly Father and Mother love us.  I find comfort in knowing they are cheering us on. They want us to return to them.

I am very thankful for the opportunity to be serving a mission. It has been a great blessing to be with Wayne and share everyday serving in the temple.  We have been blessed!

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