Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Italian 4th of July * President Casos Birthday

We had an interesting Independence Day today in Peru!  We heard of a good Italian place to eat and decided to try it out today for the 4th of July..

We got a taxi with Bill and Sandy and left about 12:30 for lunch. We were told from the outside we wouldn't be able to tell this was a restaurant. They were right.

Our taxi driver called the restaurant to let them know we were there and they opened the door for us. They are usually open from 7:00 pm-11:00 pm so we had the place to ourselves for lunch.

When we went inside and this what we saw. It was beautiful!  Such a peaceful place.

We were met by Shela's father

When we went inside, this is what we saw,  it was very clean and nice.

We were greeted by Shela and her parents. They own this restaurant in their home.  They had a restaurant near the plaza but the rent got too expensive so after many customers begged, they open the restaurant in their home.

Shela's grandmother, who was Italian, taught her daughter, Shela's mother, how to make the Italian dishes served at L'Toscana and Shela has been taught the family recipes and was a great hostess.  She speaks English too, so it was fun talking to her.

We waited in this area.  Shela asked us what we wanted to eat.  She said they would make anything we wanted. We asked her for suggestions and Wayne, Sandy, and I decided to have Lasagna and Bill had a beef dish with Parmesan noodles.

We were served a salad with some warm garlic bread.  It was really good.

 I didn't get a picture of our food, but I found this one on the internet, it has the beef dish and lasagna, so it will have to do.

We had a dessert that was a lot like cheese cake filling without the crust, with raspberry syrup.  It was yummy!

We payed for our meal.  It ended up costing about $25.00 per person.

They called us a taxi and we said our goodbyes. As we left, I took some more pictures of the outside yard.  It was neat.

We had a great lunch!  It was nice to share it with Bill and Sandy Hartman. We are the only American missionaries.  At 6:00 pm, we had FHE and birthday for President Casós. I made snicker doodles to share.

 We watched fireworks on TV and listened to patriotic music. I'm so glad we have had this experience in Peru. It makes me so grateful to be an American and to have a wonderful forever family and we love them all very much!  We are very blessed!!

There's no place like Hooper Utah!

Yesterday was President Casos birthday.  We had a little party in the evening for him.  

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