Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Twins Birthday - Nora's Blessing - Luke's Birthday

Twins Birthday - Nora's Baby Blessing - Luke's Birthday 

July 1st was Alice and Jayne's 1st Birthday!  Happy Birthday Babies!

Happy Birthday Alice Marie!
We Love You!

Happy Birthday Jayne Mae!
We Love you!

Nora's Blessing

Sunday, July 3rd Danny blessed Nora.  We were able to listen to a recording of it. It was sweet!  Nora wore the same dress Shanna wore when she was blessed.

 On the way home from Nora's  blessing, Tami and Emily saw a head on collision and were the first ones to help. So glad Emily was able to be there for Tess who was pinned in this car with two broken arms and Tami for her support.

Luke's Birthday

July 4th was Luke's 5th birthday!  Happy Birthday Luke we love you!

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