Thursday, June 30, 2016

Casa Grande Stake Conference

June 30th 2016

Jim and Patti Fackrell's son, Jacob, served here when the Marlers first arrived in the mission.  When the Fackrells came to pick him up they decided to serve a mission here while their daughter, Cara served her mission in Estonia and Latvia.  They have been here for 15 months.  They have done much to help the branches around Chocope and have even served in the mission presidency the last 6 months.  They have brought many to the temple and we will miss spending time with them.

On Sunday morning, President Marler picked us and the Hawses up in the mission van. They drove us to the Casa Grande Stake Conference.  We stopped in Chocope to pick up the Fackrells.  The Marlers and Fackrells both spoke in the conference. Casa Grande has been a stake for 5 years and is located an hour north of Trujillo.
The Stake Center is a large, one story house they have tried to convert  into
a chapel the best they could.  It is difficult to buy land for a new chapel in
Casa Grande.
Fackrells, Marlers, Hartmans & Hawses
Hermana Placencia & Hermana Castillo from the temple.  They both sang
in the Stake choir.  I love how the choir members all wear white blouses
and matching scarves.

Bill with some future missionaries. 
The Marlers with four of their missionaries. 

The Alex Rodriguez family.  They are the ones who took us to the
Huacas a few weeks ago.  Their children are so cute, Tracy and Denzel.

We met with the Stake Presidency and Zone Leaders after the conference.  The Stake President's wife made and served us a Maricuya cheesecake.
The Stake Presidency.

Sister Marler and Patti Fackrell with the Stake President's wife.
She was also the choir director.

The Zone Leaders, Elder Bolivia from Lima and
Elder Consuegra from the Dominican Republic.
President Marler with the Fackrells.

After the meetings we all went back to the Fackrells home in Chocope for lunch.  They fixed a delicious meal of roast, potatoes, carrots, corn, salad and cherry pie.  Jim even made fresh limeade.

Washing the dishes.

The sign on the way home from Chocope.
33 KMS equals 20.5 miles; 162 KMS equals 100.66 miles;
589 KMS equals 366 miles.

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