Wednesday, June 8, 2016

6/8/2016 Las Chismosas

Las Chismosas "The Gossips"

I am fascinated every time I see these pictures, paintings, or woven textiles of  Peruvian women.  We saw them when we went to Cusco and Pisac. I decided today to google it.  This is what I leaned.

This is a traditional scene found in paintings, textiles, and painted on pottery.  The backs of Peruvian women are seen in groups of three or more.  Their backs are to us because they don't want us to hear what they are saying. They are called “Las Chismosas” or “The gossipers.” They like to talk, I even found it referenced to a "tattle tale."   The Peruvian women do like to talk.  They are wonderful people.  I wonder if at times they talk about what they are doing and why they are here.  I can sense a bond between them, as depicted in these pieces of art.  They have a simple life style.  They are women, wives, mothers, and grandmother, they are Peruvian sisters.  When they get together, I hope they are sharing the same things we as American sisters share when we talk together, things that are going on in our lives and with our families, and yes maybe even a little gossip.

This picture hangs in the restaurant, Squalos

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