Sunday, June 5, 2016

Chinese Buffet & Great Friends

Chinese Buffet & Great Friends

Tuesday, May 31st, we decided to go to get Chinese for lunch with Bill and Sandy.  When we went to get a taxi, Miguel our friend who works in the temple laundry, pulled up with his mom and dad in his dad's taxi. He was dropping them off to work at the temple.  Miguel was borrowing his dad's taxi to move to a new place, so we asked him to drop us off at Chung Woa on his way back, which he did but they were closed.  Every time we've gone to eat at this one, it's always closed. Miguel knew of a good Chinese place, it was a BUFFET.  He took us across town to the California area and we had a nice lunch at the Eating Place.  It was a Chinese Buffet and cost 20 soles each.  It was pretty good.

We noticed down the street was a Wongs grocery store. It was next to this really nice brick apartment building.  We've never seen anything with brick here.  It looked like an apartment building in the USA.

Apartment building and Wongs

The apartment building

We walked to Wong. It was the little Wong store and we decided to go inside to see if they had anything we needed.

We ran into this member, she lives in the California ward, I don't know her name.  She helps cook in the mission office and she was buying ingredients for Spaghetti, a new group of missionaries were flying in and she was making dinner for them.

I've never seen grapefruits here and that's what these looked like, we weren't sure, so Wayne took a picture so we could google it. They are grapefruits.  We didn't buy anything but it was fun to see the store.  We had a nice afternoon shared with Bill and Sandy.


On Thursday, the 2nd  I made some taco soup, bread sticks, and peach cobbler for dinner.  Sandy made a tossed salad with Kraft Thousand Island dressing.  We all got together for dinner later that night after Bill had officiated the 7:00 pm session and Jim and Patti had finished their session with some members from Chocope.  We had a great time and always enjoy great company and visiting.

Jim and Patti spent the night here in the hospitality center.  They went to the sealing of the family they did endowments with the night before.

We all got together again Friday the 3rd at about noon for breakfast/lunch.  Jim and Patti brought some bacon and I made some pancakes and Sandy scrambled some eggs.  We had another great time together.

It seems like we've always been friends with Bill and Sandy and Jim and Patti.  The friendships we share will be forever.  They are our family away from home and we sure do love them!

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