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Alta Moche Ward - Father's Day - Goodbye Elder Talbot

Alta Moche Ward - Father's Day

Sunday was Father's Day!  Happy Father's Day to Wayne!  He is a wonderful Dad.  He's been perfect for our family!  I love him a lot.  I'm so glad I've been able to share this mission with him.   

Wayne at the pulpit
On Sunday we went with the Bill and Sandy to the El Alto ward in Moche.  Bill and Sandy have been attending church each week at a different building in Trujillo.  This was the last church building in Trujillo (there are 26) for them to attend in all seven stakes.  They haven't been to all the wards, just all the buildings.  This was a small building with no piano.  This building is on the Pan American highway that runs south to Lima and north to the United States.

We wanted to visit this ward to say goodbye to Elder Talbot.  He is one of the missionaries going home this week. He is such a fun and cute Elder.  He was one of the first missionaries we met as we went to immigration with Elder Heward.  Elder Talbot was there doing the same thing for the missionaries in the South mission. In July, the Trujillo Mission was divided into the Trujillo North and the Trujillo South missions.  Elder Heward went North and Talbot went South, Elder Talbot was able to serve half his mission in the North and half in the South mission.  We'saw him at church too as we've visited different wards.

This is the kitchen and Relief Society Room. They are filling the sacrament trays.

The chapel
We came to this ward for our meetings today because it was Elder Talbot's last Sunday in the mission and we really wanted to see him to tell him goodbye.  Bill and Sandy have been to all of the chapels in Trujillo and this was the last one, so that was pretty neat. 
Elder Talbot from Cornville, Arizona, Elder Going from Oregon, Elder Tineo from Lima, and Elder Carder from Gallatin, Missouri.
Today was Elder Talbot, Elder Going and Elder Carder's last Sunday in the mission.  This was Elder Goings first area, he got permission to attend his last Sunday here.They are all great young men.


Elder Talbot is the Elder who talked to Wayne about the missionaries not being able to come to the temple.  Wayne made some contacts and helped to make it possible to come again.

Elder Going is next to Elder Talbot, he's from a little town in Oregon.  Wayne always jokes with him about his name and has said the back of his name badge says Elder Coming. He's going home too.  Elder Carter is on the right, he's from an Missouri. He will be going home too.

Bill and Sandy with  Elder Talbot, his companion Elder Tineo from Lima and their convert of the church for 2 months.  He wants to serve a mission.

Sandy, Sister Jazmin Saldania, Jazmin works with us in the temple on Saturday nights.  She's engaged to Joseph Pezantes, they are planning on getting married later next year.

This pretty Sunflower was in the front. Such a pretty ray of sunshine.

This little tienda was next to the church. We could smell the fresh rolls they were selling.

This looks like the Hyundai Excel we use to have, but ours was Red.  This was parked in front of the church.

This building was next to the church looking across the Pan American Highway

We're across the road from the church.

Wayne waiting to get us a taxi to go home. We didn't get this little white one but we did get a little black one.  You can see the church in the background.

We saw all these trucks together on the way home

Sandy took this pretty picture from the taxi on our way home from church.

Because of Father's Day, the road by the temple was very crowded and busy with people going to the cemetery.

Buying flowers and the crowded street and sidewalk

Crowded sidewalks, people buying flowers on their way to the cemetary

Crowded street

My Dad with Hank

Happy Fathers Day Dad!  I love my dad a bunch. I'm glad I was able to talk to him on the phone today.  When I was young, I was his buddy. I was always watching him as he worked outside, working in the yard, working on the cars, cleaning and sorting in the garage and everything in between. I learned a lot by being by his side. He's just a great guy and has been the perfect father for me and I sure do love him.

Sandy found this on Facebook.  This is Ronald Chavez, he works with us in the temple.

Happy Father's Day!!  

We had a great day!

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