Saturday, June 11, 2016

Cookies - It's Fall - Temple Blessings

We enjoyed another week serving here in the Trujillo temple.

I made some chocolate chip cookies for the office Elders, mostly Elder Craft. He asked me on Monday if I'd please make him some. So I did. The sad thing is that he was sick throwing up on Thursday and he didn't even get any.  I'll make him some more.

It's fall in Peru.  It's kind of funny because the temperature still stays between 66 and about 72 now.  It feels cooler. We wear our sweaters in the evening, it's little chilly as the breeze blows in from the ocean.  It's fall but there are no autumn leaves falling, no pumpkins, no corn stalks, and no smells of fall.  So I decided to make Apple Crisp.  It brought the smell of fall in and really smelled good, but it really wasn't as good as I'd hoped.  I'll just remember that fall here isn't like fall at home.

Today, Saturday,  was a very busy day at the temple. We had several wards come with the youth to do baptisms. There was a big bus from Chimbote that came with a lot of people, I was told there were 85 people.

A big bus

These are some pictures Wayne took of the things going on.

Elmer, is one of the guards here, he's our friend. Sister Guevara is also there, they are looking at the crowd inside the common area by the distribution center of our building.  They are standing by the door to the Comedor, the place we eat lunch. 

The people inside the comedor, waiting to get some lunch. Also the cooks trying to keep up with all the hungry people.

The comedor

Wayne took this picture of one of the bunk bed rooms that people who come from distances can pay to stay in here as they attend the temple.

Elder Terry completed his mission 2 weeks ago.  He came to the temple today with his parents. As I talked with them,  I could feel the love he has for the wonderful Peruvian people and the temple. He wanted to share this with his parents. It was neat to be there.  The picture is when he left to go home.

We are so blessed to be able to associate with and help the many members, who come here everyday to do temple work.  These people want the blessings of the temple!  They make covenants and promises for themselves, their ancestors, and others who are dead, covenants and promises that can only be made in a temple, The House of The Lord. We are so blessed and so thankful to be a small part of it here in Trujillo.

This is a wonderful experience, we love it!  It's something only a few missionary couples serving here in Trujillo can experience.

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