Monday, June 6, 2016

Another Week & Great Friends!

Another Week & Great Friends!

Today is Monday. We've had an interesting weekend.  The temple closed early Saturday because of the elections yesterday, on Sunday. We didn't have any church meetings because it's a law that everyone has to vote, no public meetings are allowed.  We had a nice quiet Sabbath.

After not having much to do for a few days, we were happy for today.  Jim and Patti wanted to go to lunch with us and Bill and Sandy.  We met at Chili's and had a delicious lunch.  The special today was Chicken Fried Chicken for 15 soles which is about $5.00,  a great deal.  After we left Chili's we ran into several missionaries.  Sister Olsen was the first one we saw, then we saw a lot.  I only got these pictures.

I wanted to get a picture of Sandy and Wayne talking to Elder Craft, but when they saw I was taking a picture, they scattered.

Elder Craft and Wayne

Elder Craft

We saw the Elders from the Chocope zone in Tottus

Sister Marler with Sister Olsen and her companion


Picking up a few things fromTottus 

We decided to come back to our apartment and we played Bingo for the rest of the afternoon. We didn't have any prizes, but we sure had fun.  It was fun to laugh and enjoy each other's company.

Jim Patti Sandy Bill Wayne

Tomorrow we go back to serve in the temple.

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