Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Flag Day

Today is Flay Day!
I miss seeing our American flying on flag poles and on people's houses.  I am so thankful and proud to be an American.  We are so blessed to live in such a wonderful and beautiful country.  Being in Peru has helped me to realize what a great blessing it is to live in America.

I love seeing Andy and McKenzie's flag. It's beautiful!

This afternoon we went to lunch at Romano's with the Hartman's. It was nice to get out and share the afternoon with great friends.  

This chef guy sits on the counter at Romano's.

After we ate, we walked to see what a Listos store is like.  Sister Casos told us once that they have groceries from the USA.  It was a little gas station type store much littler than a 7-11, the whole store is on the picture.  They only had snacks, drinks, big stuffed animals, and these.

Defiantly no groceries from the USA.

We had an enjoyable afternoon with great friends.

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