Saturday, June 25, 2016

Missionaries Come to the Temple by the Zones

These are some pictures we took this week.

Two views from the window on the north end of our building.

This was what was going on outside.

Lunch!  I don't look very excited about it. It was really good.

These puppies were downstairs. So cute and fluffy.

One thing we have really enjoyed, is having the young missionaries come to the temple.  President and Sister Marler have made the temple an important part of each missionaries experience here. It has instilled a love for the temple in each of their missionaries.  They have made a great efforts to make sure all of their missionaries have their own temple clothes.  The first year in the mission for Christmas, each missionary received a pouch for their temple clothes with the Trujillo Temple embroidered on the outside of it. We even got one.  It's just been fun to be a part of the special sessions when "The Armies" of missionaries come to partake of the blessings of the temple.  It has in some small way, made us to feel like we are a part of this wonderful Trujillo North Mission, which is our mission.  It has been great.   

These are pictures of the last time the Marler's brought their missionaries from all 9 zones and the Leadership Counsel to the temple.  I don't know if this is all of them, the central zone is pictures twice. but it is a lot of them.  I got these off the Kurt and Kathy Marler Blog.

 The Porvenir and Esperanza Zones


Primevera and Casa Grande Zones

Sierra and Guadalupe Zones

Zona Central: Front: Hermana Cervantes, Hermana Schuyler, Hermana Arroyo, Hermana Mujica, Hermana Wright, Hermana Mancilla, Hermana Bronson.
Middle: Hermana Rimache, Elder Quispe, Elder Parkinson, Elder Malhue, Hermana Oteo, Hermana Messina, Hermana Gallardo, Hermana Peel, Hermana Pattillo, Hermana Springer.
Back row: Elder Guerra, Elder Linares, Elder Dykstra, Elder Cogollo, elder Marshall, Elder Babble, Elder Turner.
This zone is here twice, I'm not sure which one is the best one so I am keeping them both.

Leadership Council

Central and Este Zones

President and Sister Marler brought all of their missionaries to the temple, one zone at a time over the last 2 week to share one last temple session with them and to say good bye to them. The Marlers and the Fackrells will be going home in 4 days. This is the last group, I think it's the leadership council. We know a lot of these missionaries.

Wayne went for a walk tonight and discovered that they had opened up a new area behind the cemetery next door.  Room for more people. This is looking toward the back of the temple, to the left.

The temple wopuld be to the left.  He is looking toward the ocean and the main road Manceche

A view of the temple and our building from the back of the cemetery.

I got this picture from Bill and Sandy's blog.  I really like it because you can see where we live and the gate we go in with the guard shack.  It was taken from the apartments East of the temple.

Tomorrow we are going to the Casa Grande Stake Conference with President and Sister Marler, Jim and Patti, Bill and Sandy and us.  It should be fun.

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