Saturday, July 16, 2016

Banana Tree * Joel Haro

 Today is Saturday!

We went for a walk this afternoon and ended up at the Mall so we decided to eat lunch there.
On our way back, I got a picture of these bananas growing on a little tree by the temple.  I think it's neat.

This is our friend Joel Haro. We first met him when his mom invited us to a FHE when we first got here to Peru. We learned then what a talented piano player he is. He is a great young man. He received his mission call to Arequipa and will leave on August 23rd. He came to the temple today to received his endowment.  We didn't see him at the temple but we did see him with his parent this evening by the Alberge.  He will be a great missionary!  I call him one of "the piano guys".

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