Friday, July 29, 2016

7/29/2016 Wedding Reception

Friday night we went to Logan for a wedding reception of Nicole Fronk, she worked for Wayne.  We were tending Natalie’s kids so we took Jack with us and the big kids stayed with Tami and Nick.  After the reception we drove to Bill and Sandy Hartman's house which was just up the street from the reception.  We face timed with the Hartman's and had fun seeing their place through the internet.  Just as we were leaving, their neighbor pulled in her garage.  Wayne went over to talk to her, we had a good visit and face timed again with the Hartman's  as we were getting ready to leave, the neighbor, Deanna mentioned she was from Preston Idaho,  Wayne then asked if she knew his aunt Vilate, as soon as he said Vilate, she finished, "Weaver" and then told us Cheri who is Wayne's cousin was her best friend, she and Cheri were going to go to California after they graduated to school to be flight attendants,but Cheri passed away two weeks before they graduated.  Deanna said she just got home from her  60th year class reunion, she went to her car and had this poster of Cheri.  What a sweet blessing to make that connection to our friend the Hartman's neighbor.  

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