Monday, July 25, 2016

Celebrating the 24th on the 25th!

Celebrating the 24th on the 25th!

Our family at the Ogden Pioneer Days Parade which was today, Monday the 25th.  Andy went two days early to save our spot.  Thanks Andy !

Tami and Nick sat by themselves because the kids are sick. They still enjoyed the parade.


While our family was at the parade, Wayne and I went to the plaza to find some Llamas to take home to the kids. We saw these people walking down the street. They must have been performing someplace, maybe a parade.

This is our little Llama herd. I love these little Llamas, but not as much as I love our little grandkids who will be getting them.

We bought some long table cloths that are colorful and remind me of Peru.

This one is smaller table cloth. I think they are pretty.

Wayne bought me a sweater, a scarf, and a little purse. Now we have some souvenirs.

I almost forgot the little alpaca rug to hang on the wall.

We are excited and so thankful we get to go home!  Can't wait.
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