Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Snowy Utah * Summer In Trujillo * Dinner with Temple Workers * Missionaries

Snowy Utah

It has been a very snowy winter season in Utah!  We hear about no school days and late start school days because of so much snow.  This is a picture Bill and Sandy sent us showing all the snow they have in Logan.  It looks cold but so beautiful.  It's good for the water this summer I suppose.

Bill and Sandy's house
Our House on Christmas
Our front porch on Christmas

Summer In Trujillo

 We really do miss the snow and the cold back home.  The weather here is always beautiful.  It's Summer right now so it's warm and sunny.  This morning the gardeners are planting new Geraniums.

Mowing and getting the temple grounds ready for another week.

Dinner with Temple Workers

Some of the Saturday night temple workers wanted to go with us to Chili's to have Chicken Fired Chicken.  None of them could go in the afternoon, so we went Monday night. 

Me - Wayne - Joseph Pezsantes - Jazmin Saldania - Peter Ripple - Debbie Ripple -  Shayla Torres - ? - Antony's Brother

Peter and Debbie

Joseph and Jazmin-  They are getting married in Dec. 2017

Me and Wayne

Shayla Torres and ?? They are just friends

Antony's brother.
We really had a good time with these young kids.  It was fun to think they wanted to do something with us.

Tuesday morning, the last 2 zones of missionaries came to the temple.  We worked the afternoon shift so we didn't see them in the temple but saw a lot of them waiting for lunch in the comedor.

The days keep going by quickly!

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