Monday, January 23, 2017

Are We Related to the BYU Haws Basketball Players?

Danny Andy Natalie Tami Emily Wayne Jan Brady Cory
Such the fun little family.  I miss those days.

We are all asked the question of being related to TJ, Tyler, and Marty Haws who played basketball for BYU.  It is nice to finally have the connection.  Wayne sent this email to our kids.

So I keep being asked if we are related to the Haws BYU basketball players.

Maybe you have already found this, but this is what I have.

Tyler Haws is son of Marty Haws

Marty Haws is son of Ralph Jay Haws (Born 26 Mar 1939)

Ralph Jay Haws is son of Jay Knollin Haws (Sep 1909 – Jun 1997)

Jay Knollin Haws was a son of John Kimball Haws (1868 – 1925)

John Kimball Haws was a son of John Madison Haws

John Madison Haws was a son of Gilberth Haws and Hannah Whitcom and a brother to William Wallace Haws.

You know the rest.

Tyler - TJ - Marty, the Dad of both
Emily, Brady, Cory, Tami, Natalie, Andy, Danny, and Marty Haws are 4th cousins.

Danny met the Temple President in the Costa Rica Temple.  His name was E. Jerald Haws

Elwin Jerald Haws (born 5 Nov 1935) is a son of Karl Nelbert Haws

Karl Nelbert Haws (born in Colonia Juarez 13 Jun 1910) was a son of George Martin Haws

George Martin Haws (1858 – 1936) was a son of William Wallace Haws (1855 – 1895) and Barbara Belinda Mills.

You know the rest.

Elwin Jerald Haws and Joan Haws

Danny sent this message about the BYU Haws cousins, I thought it should be added to this post.

Dad said this in the email, but Kelly Haws is Tyler's uncle. He is the second in command of the church education system. So he is my bosses boss. We have met several times, and he is a really kind man.

A few months ago I called my bosses office and said "this is Bro. Haws, is Dave available?" The secretary put me right through to his office where he was in a meeting. When he realized it was me and not his boss he asked me to call back later. Now I have to make sure to tell the secretary that I am the lesser Bro. Haws.

I think we are related to most of them.

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