Sunday, January 22, 2017

La Marinera * Los Cadros

Friday Wayne and I went to the mall to get some groceries.  When we got to the food court, we found this going on.  The past few weeks, they have been having the Marinera competitions through out Peru.  It was pretty cute to see little kids competing in the Marinera dance.

Barrio Los Cedros

Wayne and I decided to go to the Los Cedros ward this morning.  The meeting started at 10:30 so we had some time to sleep in a little.  We enjoyed the meeting, but only stayed for Sacrament Meeting.  Brother Ripple was at the meeting too, he was alone because Debbie wasn't feeling well so she stayed home.  Wayne and I walked home, it helped Wayne feel a little better.  Brother Ripple walked with us.  It was nice to talk with him along the way.  These are pictures I took as we walked hoe.Wayne didn't feel very well this morning, 

We don't see very many new Volkswagen's.  we do see a lot of old ones though.  

Doesn't everybody have a green house and a purple house on their street?

When we got by the mall, instead of walking down Manciche, we walked down the street that angles just above it.  These pictures were taken there.

We always see laundry out drying

Behind this wall is about 6 acres of farm land.   
Wayne and Peter Ripple

The farm land

Last patch of corn.  You can see the farmer out there working in the corn. I like the view of the houses, the city, and the mountains.

Beautiful farm land

Another one of the view

Looking back at the farm

This sign was on the corner by the field.

Beautiful flowers in front of a house, something we don't see much of.

This cow was grazing in a smaller farm down the street from the bigger farm.

It was a hot but enjoyable walk home.  

I love being here in Trujillo serving this mission with Wayne. I have loved the people since we first got here.   It has been a wonderful experience!  The ward we visited today had many people who serve in the temple with us.  There are a lot of members from this ward who attend the temple.  When we visit different wards, the spirit we feel from the members, gives us the desire to keep being at the temple every day to serve with them and serve them because we love them.  I've said it so many times before, you loves those you serve and those you serve with.  It is so true!  

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