Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Dinner with Friends - Surprise

Monday was our P-Day!

We went to the mall to get a few groceries and we had lunch at Chili's

Sometimes the best pictures are the ones i take trying to get a good one one.  I always tell Wayne to smile and look happy.  He's such a character! 

Dinner with friends!

Monday night the Ripples were going to have Chinese dinner with the Bentley's. We got invited to join them.  We met the Bentley's at the mission home at 6:00.  

We walked to the Chinese restaurant which wasn't very far.  It was closed.  :(

We ended up at the Val Halla Restaurant. It was an interesting place.  We were a little skeptical going in to eat but decided to give it a try.  It was pretty good.  They had loud music playing with a big projector screen going. We were able to sit in a area of our own that had a glass door, so it was quieter.  the food was pretty good.  Wayne and I had Lomos Saltado Pollo.

The company was much better than the food.  It was so nice to be with these two couples, just visiting and sharing time together.  It was enjoyable. 

Walking back, we saw this shop that sells motorcycles.

This moto taxi was parked on the sidewalk.  I don't know if it was for sale or if it was just parked there.  It was different that's for sure.


We stopped at the cheese store on the way back. 

They had cheese from Cajamarca.  We bought some, it is really good cheese.  

We also bought a little bottle of the jam.  It's not as good as I'd hoped.  

When we got back to the mission office, we decided to walk to see the Bentley's apartment.  It's really close to the office.  They have a really nice place with lots of windows.  The view is wonderful.  We had a great night and it was so nice to share it with great missionary friends.

When we came back from Utah in July, I some crocheting to do.  It only took me a few weeks before they were all finished, so I haven't seen them for several months.  I love how they all turned out.


I thought all of the blankets were crocheted around.  
I'm so glad there's one more.  Now I have one more to work on. I like having something to do when we watch TV so I don't fall asleep.  I love to crochet too.  

What will I do when this one is finished?

Life in Trujillo is good!

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