Sunday, January 29, 2017

Brother Azabache

This morning at Stake Conference, we sat by Brother Pretel,.  He was the Esperanza Stake President before President Bravo.  He is one of the coordinators for the men in the temple. During the meeting, Brother Pretel tapped Wayne on the leg and handed him his cell phone.  This picture was on it.  Someone had sent him a message to let him know Brother Azabache passed away this morning.  

We love Brother and Sister Azabache!  They are wonderful members of the church.  When we first met them at the temple, they came through the temple doors with happy faces saying Buenos Dias!  So happy to be there and to see us. 

We last saw Brother ans Sister Azabache at the Laureles Stake Conference 3 weeks ago.   

Tonight we went to a devotional for him at the Salaverry chapel.  It was kind of like a funeral, they called it a devotional.  There were a lot of people there to show their love and support for the family.  All 5 of their children were there.  The oldest son was a here from Boca Raton Florida, their twin daughters who live in Salaverry, their daughter Patti, was here from Argentina, and their youngest son who is the Bishop of the Monsarrat ward here in Trujillo. The family have all been together for about a week so they had some time together.

I was impressed with the many friends that were there.  The chapel was full, they had chairs out in the entrance and down the halls.  Several people were standing looking in the windows to be a part of the devotion for Brother Azabache, a wonderful man!

John Paul and John Pier Brothers and Grandsons of Brother Azabache
This picture was taken 3 weeks ago.

On Tuesday Brother Azabache will be buried at Parque Eterno Cemetary, next to the temple.  We will be there to show our love and support for this great family!

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