Sunday, January 15, 2017

Primavera Stake Conference - Lunch with Miguel and Family

Primavera Stake Conference

This morning at 11:00, we went to the Primavera Stake for their conference.  It was a great meeting.

President Davila is the Stake President.  He's a great man.  Wayne was his district leader when they were both young missionaries in Peru 40 years ago.  He even went to Machu Picchu with Wayne, or Wayne went with him.  As part of President Davila's talk, he mentioned Wayne, remembering he was a good district leader and how he enjoyed being in the temple with him Friday night and that he was at the conference. They shared their first missions together.  It was sweet.  Wayne said that was his 30 seconds of fame.  It was nice.
Several weeks ago when we went to the Central ward, we saw Sister Tyacke.  Melanie is one of her investigators.  Hopefully she will get baptized.  It ws so fun to see them.
Melanie Luperdi, Sister Tapia , Sister Tyacke

Lunch with Miguel's Family

Miguel La Cerna invited us to his house after conference to have lunch with his family.  Brother and Sister Gomez were invited too.  Suzie served us Lomos Saltado.  It was very delicious and we enjoyed our afternoon with them.  I took some chocolate chip cookies, but used M & M's instead of chocolate chips. 

Samir and James were fun to play with.  They got out their word flash cards to help me learn Spanish.  It was pretty sweet.  

Moguel is a great person.  He works in the laundry at the temple and he also helps with the engineers of the temple.  He is always happy and friendly to us.l  We have become very good friends.  He even speaks some English.  It was so sweet of Miguel and Suzie to have us to their house for lunch.  


Sister Gomez and Suzie

Brother Gomez Wayne and Miguel

Samir and James

Elder Valerio and Elder Quispe
These Elders were there to eat lunch too.  They ate before we did because they had to hurry to get to an appointment so we didn't visit much with them.   

We had an enjoyable day!
One more week finished!

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