Sunday, January 15, 2017

Fog - Happy Birthday Danny - Happy Birthday Dad - Banana Cake


Wednesday morning, it was foggy when we looked out the window.  It isn't very often that the weather changes here.  I guess it didn't change this time, but it was cool to see the fog.

Friday the 13th was Danny's 28th Birthday!
Happy Birthday Danny!
We Love You!

No Teeth

Saturday the 14th was my Dad's Birthday
Happy 90th Birthday Dad!
We Love You!
Amazing Dad and Grandpa

To celebrate the 90th birthday, there was a big family birthday party at the church.  

I bake this in a 13 X 11 cookie sheet
I have a Banana Cake recipe I got from Gloria Maughan several years ago.  She made this cake for a Relief Society Activity and I liked it so much, I had her write the recipe for me down.  She wrote it on a napkin.  It will always be a favorite.  I've made it several time here in Trujillo and it's always yummy.  Sandy Hartman asked me for the recipe, so
I decided to include it here.

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