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Happy Birthday Barrett - Laureles Stake Conference

January 8th 2016

Yesterday, the 7th was Barrett's birthday

Happy 6th Birthday Barrett!
We love you!

A few days before Barrett's birthday, he face timed us to let us see he'd lost his first tooth.  It was fun to share that excitement with him.  The tooth next to where the one came out is also loose.  Barrett couldn't keep his tongue out of the hole as we talked to him.  I hate loose teeth!!  It was fun to see and share this with him, Finley, Duncan and Shawnee.

Saturday evening, we went for a walk and ended up at the mall.  The streets were more crowded than usual and the traffic at the intersection before the mall was congested and backed up.  

Just through the intersection to the mall.  

As we got to the mall this was going on on the stage.  Planet Chicken was doing a little dance show.

As we left to come home, the streets were still very crowded. This is looking toward the temple down Manciche

The stores at the mall and the setting sun.

As we walked home, I loved the sky.  The setting sun made the sky look cool.

This Bride and Groom had been at the temple all day and they were getting pictures taken as the sun was setting.

We went the Laureles Stake Conference this morning.

This was the invitation for the conference.

The inside of the invitation
Laureles is a good stake.  There are many wards in this stake that we've visited including Laureles, Monsserrat, Moche, and Salaverry.  Elder Fabio A. Moscoso, an Area Seventy, was the visiting authority.  It was a good conference.  

Elder Fabio A. Moscoso

We Saw a lot of our friends who come to the temple.  I only took a few pictures.
This is Brother and Sister Azabache, they live in the Salaverry ward..  We love them.  They were worker in the temple on Thursday and Friday morning, until a few months ago. They came to do their assignment one morning at the temple when Wayne and I were at the front desk.  Brother Azabache could hardly breath.  It was kind of scary.  He went to the little break room to sit down and rest.  He seemed to be struggling.  We got Carlos to look after him.  That was the last time we saw him.  Carlos told us he has a heart condition and he wouldn't be able to come back to work in the temple.  We were so happy to see both of them this morning.  As we greeted them and loved them, we couldn't help but realize the difference, They both seem a little frail and they've both lost weight, especially Brother Azabache. It was good to see them but it was also kind of sad.  We both teared up, they are our friends. 

Zoimy me Sister Fulmer and Sister Klunker
We first met Zoimy over a year ago when we went to the California ward.  She was investigating the church.  She later got baptized and it was always fun to see her at the California ward.  We haven't seen her for a long time in that ward and I thought she had probably gone inactive.  Much to my surprise, she moved to Salivary and is active in that ward as the secretary in the Primary.  These missionary sisters are helping her to learn English and she's trying to get into BYU. He mom cooks for these missionaries and her Dad joined the church.  I'm so glad to know Zoimy is active.

Sister Fulmer is from Provo.  I first met her in the temple about a year ago when she was a new missionary of about 3 weeks.  She was standing in the locker room with kind of a lost look on her face when I saw her and went up to talk to her.  She later told me how much she needed to see me that day.  She was home sick, she didn't know Spanish she'd only been in Trujillo for a few weeks and she was feeling a little lost.  I talked to her and gave her some hugs.  The thing she didn't know is that I need her that day as much as she needed me.  I have had a hard time learning Spanish to talk to people.  I was at the temple with no one to talk to and I was feeling a little lost too.  It was just a great meeting and we share a sweet friendship.  It was fun to see her and hug her today.   She's serving in Salaverry and is a great support for Zoami.

Sister Klunker is from Draper and has been in Trujillo for 5 months.  She's still learning Spanish, but she does a great job with it.  She is Zoimy's friend too.

That's a long story, but I don't want to forget it.  It's stories like these that make me happy I'm here serving a mission in the temple.  maybe some day in Utah, our paths will cross again.

Brother Romero and Wayne.  Brother Romero works in the temple on Saturday. 

Sister Asmat and her daughter in law and grand children.  Sister Asmat's son is the Stake President of the Laureles stake.  Sister Asmat works with us in the temple.

We've had a good day today!  Tomorrow is our day off, so we'll be going to the store and we'll probably eat lunch at Chili's.  Wayne and I are in charge of FHE.  Stay tuned for the next post.

I turned our Christmas Tree into our Valentine Tree.

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