Wednesday, January 18, 2017

P-Day With Young Missionaries * Casey's Birthday

P-DAY With the Young  Missionaries
The missionaries haven't come to the temple to participate in a session for a long time.  They were told they needed to focus their time on missionary work, for the living, not temple work for the dead.  They could come to the temple on their P-Day.  Their P-day is Monday and the temple is closed on Monday.  That's why we haven't seen missionaries for a while.  We don't even see the missionaries at the mall much on Mondays because they want the young missionaries to stay in their areas.

President Marble figured out a way to make it possible for the missionaries to still be able to attend the temple on their P-day.  He let them trade the Monday for Tuesday.  If they worked on Monday, they could have Tuesday to do their p-day stuff.

Tuesday morning we were so happy to have two groups of missionaries come to participate in temple sessions.  President Marble was here with them. One group was in the 8:30 session and one group was in the 10:00 session. The 10:00 group was from Guadalupe which is 2 hours away.  President Marble wanted to have interviews with all of them while they were here in Trujillo and they also needed to be able to check their emails and write emails to their families.  There were 20 missionaries in this group.  

President Marble talked to Wayne Sunday, about making it possible for 6 laptops to be connected to  WiFi so the missionaries could email their families while others were being interviewed.  Wayne got them all set up around the table here in the common area where us temple missionaries live. He used our two laptops, one of the Ripples's, and President Marble brought the ones from the mission office.  It really worked well.  The missionaries sat around the table and did their emails while  some sa5 and visited on the couches.  They started at about 1:00 and finished up at about 4:00.  It was so fun having missionaries around.  I can't explain the wonderful spirit they bring with them.  They are great servants and they are all doing great things.  

While Wayne and Sister Marble were visiting,  they found out President Marble's son lived in Boston.  Emily and Johnny know him and are good friends.  The Marbles have a nephew with the last name Archibald, who works at Qualtrics, where Johnny works.  They are good friends.  It's such a small world.

Hermanas Garcia, McNamara, Gallardo, ???, Tobar, Haro
They had lunch in the comedor

Elder Drescher is the Zone Leader.

Sister Holmes, it was her Birthday, ??? Sister Lee, Sister Gilardo,
Behind Elder Drescher, Olsen, ??? , ???

Elder Drescher from Layton and Elder Olsen from Lindon

Sister Maarble, Wayne and Elder Drescher who is form Layton

Sister Marble

A Group Photo.  I was dressed in White so I couldn't go get a good picture.  

Loading up to go back to Guadalupe
Elder Drescher is standing by th van door

20 young missionaries will fit in that van for a long 2 hour ride back to their area

The South mission got new missionaries.  They stopped by the temple Tuesday morning on the way from the airport with the new missionaries just picked up.  

Trujillo South Mission, new missionaries fresh from the airport.

It was a busy day at the temple!!


We helped in the temple in the morning,  a couple of missionaries going home from the South mission, were at the temple with their parents and we helped them with English.  We met the Knapp couple from Idaho Falls,  who are serving in the Area Office in Lima.  They were visiting our temple on their way to train the Bentley's and the Whitney's to do missionary open houses. We helped the emailing missionaries in the afternoon and had such a good time with them. We went to work in the temple in the evening to do our shift.  It was so nice to be busy and to be needed.  Wayne helped a lot happen!   It was so nice to be able to be needed and it was so nice to be able to serve others, but then isn't that what serving a mission is all about?  

As we went to bed exhausted, Wayne and I both said what a good day it was!

Today is Casey's 32nd Birthday!
Happy Birthday Casey!
We Love You!

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