Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Abby and Zack

Abby and Zack,

Yesterday I was going to call and tell you happy birthday, but Grandma Jannie told me that today is your birthday.... but really yesterday was your birthdays. We hope you had a good day. We love you both lots and can't wait to see you again!

Love, Casey, Natalie, and Benson

P.S. Emily, The pajamas Zack is wearing in these pictures are the same pajamas Benson wore to bed last night!!!! Thanks!


Nick and Tami Jones said...

Emily... I must confess that I forgot that yesterday was the twins' birthday until I was getting ready this morning and looked at the calendar and noticed that I forgot about it yesterday. Lucky for me they are just little so they didn't notice but I'm sure you noticed. I even talked to Abby last night for a second and I forgot to say anything to her... do you think Abby and Zack will forgive me? I tried to call this morning but my phone isn't working right now... maybe I'll try calling later tonight. Love you and I'm sorry I forgot!
Love, Aunt Tami

Em Russ said...

they told me that they'll forgive you just this once. As long as you send them lots of presents! :) Just kidding. I could have forgotten their birthday and they wouldn't have noticed but they did have a good time smooshing cake so it is all ok. Thanks for your birthday wishes!