Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy June!

Well, I was just thinking about my schedule and the upcoming busy months and I was wondering if anyone knows if we made plans for Craft/LAN night. I was also wondering if any of you guys are interested in another camping trip like last year.

That's all.


Oh and I thought I'd just post this cute picture of Benson. I took this picture at a Soccer game sometime in May.


Shawnee said...

I sent an email to everyone in reply to McKenzie's email from a few weeks back, but no one has responded to what I mentioned. The last Saturday of the month (28th) works best for us, but I don't know what everyone else's plans are. I think we'd be interested in a camping trip, but check with Brady because he doesn't have vacation days to take off.

Tami said...

The 28th works great for me, but I have no life since it's summer. I say we start early again like last month.

Natalie said...

The 28th is fine, but it's our anniversary weekend, so I'm not sure if we have plans. If we end up having plans (which I'm sure we won't if someone has to miss a LAN party for it), then we can just miss this one.

Also, we would LOVE to go camping or something, but probably only for a weekend sometime.