Monday, June 29, 2009


Well yesterday we had a fun time just hanging out at Mom and Dad's house. Here are some of the fun things we did...

Ronola gave Mom this stroller and Benson has been infatuated with it ever since. Whenever he sees it he says "stoller" and runs and climbs into it. Funny boy. We had it outside and he decided he needed to sit in it I guess.
We had ice cream. Casey and Nat are enjoying theirs. Casey and Benson both had playdough flavored and Nat had Brownies on the Moon.

Here is Nick and I with our yummy yummy Brownies on the Moon ice cream. (Oh, I could go for some of that right about now...)

Benson loved his tiny ice cream cone. It got everywhere but he enjoyed it.

This picture was actually from Saturday night. I went to the West Haven Days Fireworks with Nat, Casey, and Benson. Benson was so funny with the fireworks. He wasn't sure about them at first and then he started whining and crying and kept wanting to get passed around to everyone.

And of course at West Haven Days he had to get a flag. (Check out the sweet shades.)

And last night was so funny. I actually tried uploading a video but I literally tried for 4 hours and it wouldn't upload so I gave up. You just get pictures.

Nick found a toad by Mom and Dad's hot tub so he decided he needed to show Benson. Bens was so funny. He was screaming and laughing and almost crying all at once. I'm sure he didn't know how to respond. He touched it and then he was done with it.

When we asked Benson what it was he said "fog" and we asked him what it says and he said "wibbet wibbet." I hope I can get the video to load eventually but if not, oh well.


Em Russ said...

I LOVED my stroller like that from RoNola! Cute pics. Wish I could have some Brownies on the Moon right now.

p.s. Jannie, cute haircut

Andy said...

HEY! We were at West Haven days first! So you went with them and they came with us so through the transversal property you came with us! See I learned something in math!

Tami said...

Yes Andy, you learned something doing McKenzie's math! Good job! :)