Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dove "hunting"

This is the weirdest story.

Tonight, Grandpa Wayne was sitting on the porch reading a book and Benson was out there running in his new soccer uniform. Grandpa saw a dove and told Benson to run and catch it. Benson told him that he'd have to sneak and catch it. Grandpa went back to reading his book, and looked up to see Benson walking toward him holding this dove. He really caught it with his bare hands!!!!

 He was SO HAPPY to be holding this bird. He was even careful not to squeeze too tight.

The funniest part is that Andy was in the field with camouflage and decoys and everything, hunting doves! With no success. We made Andy come up and see what a dove really looks like in case he never gets any. 

Benson was so happy to have caught this little bird. He first asked if he could have it as a pet, after that didn't go off so well, he told Andy that he'd say "pull" and throw the dove into the air so Andy could shoot it. That idea didn't go off very well either, so Benson just laid the bird on the ground. It didn't move for a minute, and then once Casey started coming toward it, it flew away like a happy little bird.

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